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The One Lubricating and Penetrating
oil that does it all!

Deep Lube can save you both Time and Money

1000’s of uses in one can!

For Homes, Auto, Marine, Schools, Hospitals, Factories, Machine shops or Hotels DEEP LUBE does it all!

Fast long lasting lubricant

Adheres to almost any metal

Penetrates rust

Displaces moisture

Drives away dirt, oil and grease

Protects against corrosion

Environmentally friendly

I use Deep Lube 2 in my bicycle repair shop primarily to separate parts rusted together. It is a good penetrating oil, and like arrows in your quiver, you can never have too many.Graham Wanless We have been using all different kinds of penetrating and lubricating products for the past 20 years. One and a half years ago we got a sample of DEEP LUBE 2, our mechanics were so impressed that ever since we did not use any other product except DEEP LUBE 2I. Shafei, A-Z Atlas INC I have used your product and just love it.Last month I had to replace the tie rod ends on my 2005 Ford F150 ,sprayed the pieces ,let them soak for about 15 mins and they came off like a charm.Keep up the good workPierre Verdoni This is to thank you for an excellent product. I have used it for years and love it so much that I keep a can in the kitchen, bathroom and of course in the garage. My Garburator wouldn't stop one day so I gave it a spray and bingo, it was fixed and saved a costly trip to the repair shop. After cutting my husband's hair, I spray the electric razor to keep it working in top condition. The hundreds of uses are too numerous to mention. We just love this product. Many thanks again! And keep up the good work! Sandra F. Works great on rusty tools. Cleans and penetrates and gets my tools working like new!Mike, Plumber in Montreal I bought a vintage bike and the chain was useless until I used DeepLube2 , I was impressed with the results, I sold the bike double what I paid for it !Christian, Montreal I have used the original Deep Lube ( original )for about 18 years. It is by far the best product of its kind in the marketplace. I have used it on many things thus saving me hundreds of dollars in costly repairs. Some of the Deep Lube uses have been to lubricate the power window modules in one of my older cars as well as the gas tank door power module that had become frozen and not workable. I soaked each of these modules with Deep Lube without any fear it causing any combustion or sparking. As well I used it to lubricate a front door entry lock which had become extremely difficult to use. It worked incredibly well and saved me hundreds of dollars especially, if I had to purchase  a new entry door lock and new modules for my car and the labour required to install the modules.Mr. Jakobson, Ontario Best product on the market!Auto Svd St. Jacques blvd. Montreal Hello fellow handy men(women), my experience with Deep Lube 2 started a year and a half ago and the uses for this product are endless. Here are a few : ` First of all , I did around the house to lubricate each door of the house hinges and every doorknob, WOW , what a difference! Then my complete bike . Then the toaster, and then each volume knob of my amplifier. I `ve also been around my car lubricating each and every hinge lock, always WOW . One day , my neighbor wanted to go to Quebec but the hood of her car did not want to hold closed , then I lubricated the hinge and cable and now she can go safely to Quebec. This summer at the chalet in the Magdalene Islands almost every day I have used Deep lube 2, pulleys for the clothesline because you see the Islands air is so salty that all exposed metal corrodes then the mower from being left outside, but sprayed with Deep Lube 2 and a few minutes later the mower started to purr . Then the back wheels were also frozen, then again the same process, Deep Lube 2 .And it was the same in each cottage with doors and hinges.Leandre Marceau, Montreal Thanks for introducing me to Deep Lube 2. I have replaced most of my other trusted lube products with Deep Lube 2 and I am very happy with the product. It works and very well. I use it in my work shop on a lot of delicate machinery and in my model airplanes for lubing the wheels, brakes and retracts. Thanks for sharing this product with me.Paul (NCA Jewelery & member of RC Airplane club Brossard) It is easy to get excited by this product...if you are a mechanic. Compared to the familiar product in the blue can, DEEP LUBE 2 has better penetration and greater lubrication properties. This super lubricant adheres to unpainted metal, but not to sticky buildup is possible and while it can be worn off, it cannot be washed off. Another component is the propellant a propane/butane combination that does not harm the environment. A touch of citrus is added just in case you want to use it on squeaky bedroom doors or other interior household applications. DEEP LUBE 2 withstands temperatures from -50f to 1,000f which means that it will not burn off at normal engine operating temperatures. It is also nonconductive so it can be used on wiring to drive out moisture or help prevent connecting plugs from accumulating water and corroding. I also discovered it is also superior to degreasers that I normally use to clean my wheel rims. The retaining nuts on the exhaust manifold of my bike were in place for 22 years. Several applications of DEEP LUBE 2 loosened these nuts to a point where removal was easy using a regular box wrench. No torque was required and I never got to use the nut splitters purchased for the job. Besides all the practical benefits derived from using DEEP LUBE 2, coming in from the garage and not smelling like a petroleum refinery just might improve your love life. Excerpt taken from a product review that appeared in Thunder press May 2013 issue, reviewed by Kenzo Read More

Resistant to friction


Resists extreme temperatures

Non-flammable as a liquid

Safe on “O” rings, plastics and nylon


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